Do you feel like you could be doing MORE with your Mac computer?


Whether you're brand new to Mac or have been using one for years, there's a LOT to learn! This self-paced online course will teach you the basics of using a Mac computer so you can get MORE out of your investment, navigate your computer quicker + easier, AND take advantage of all your Mac has to offer!

What will you receive?

- 8 simple, self-paced lessons
- 2+ hours of video instruction
- 2 bonus lessons
- 2 printable reference sheets
- any future course updates (access does not expire)

Most concepts will apply to older operating systems, but it is recommended to run Catalina operating system (or newer) to apply all lessons in the course.

The course does NOT cover fixing hardware issues or system problems- contact Apple Support if your computer isn't functioning properly.

Hi, I'm Casey!
(aka Miss Freddy)

When I was born, I had an unfortunate resemblance to Fred Flintstone and the nickname stuck (even though I don’t think I look like a caveman anymore!).  Many, many years later I've embraced the nickname and built my business around it!

Ten years ago I purchased my first Mac computer after spending my entire life using PCs.  It was a huge learning curve, but eventually a deep love grew for my Mac.

Now I'm a Professional Photo Organizer and work with computers all around the world to organize photos remotely.  As we screen share, my clients are always saying 'wait, how did you do that so fast?' or 'I've had this computer for 5 years and didn't know it could do that!' so I knew it was time for me to create a course all about the Mac Basics.


Lesson 1: Getting Started
Let's start with the Basics: settings, appearance, preferences, etc.

Lesson 2:  Finder
Learn all about Finder, the heart of your Mac.

Lesson 3:  Keyboard Shortcuts
Save yourself time with these quick tricks.

Lesson 4:  Understanding iCloud
Apple's cloud service that keeps your content updated across all devices.

Lesson 5:  Time Machine
An automatic backup feature of your Mac that backs up your entire computer.

Lesson 6: Apple Photos
Learn how to get the most out of Apple's photo management software.

Lesson 7: iMovie
Create impressive home videos with this built-in video editing program.

Lesson 8: Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to common Mac issues.

BONUS: Organizing Digital Files

BONUS: 10 Awesome iPhone Tips